A Guide with Tips & Tricks for Purchasing Treehouse VIPs

Hello Canadian Tokio Hotel fans. I am super excited to have Tokio Hotel play 4 shows in our wonderful country! I honestly never thought they’d come back so it’s a very welcome surprise! I’ve never had the chance to see them live in Canada. I was only 13 the last time they were here and I lived in the shittiest province in Canada, Nofunswick (sorry not sorry). It was too far for me to travel at 13. Now, I’m able to finally see them live in my own country! I had the fortunate opportunity of seeing Dream Machine Part One in both London & Brussels and getting Humanoid + Scream Packages for the shows.

Many of you may be familiar with having a VIP package, if you purchased one for the Feel It All Tour 2015 in the US. Adventures in Wonderland, the company we bought those from made the process quick, easy and stress free. We logged onto the website, bought our meet & greets and happily began our countdowns to meet the band.

Unfortunately, I have to burst your bubble about Treehouse Ticketing, the company we will be buying our VIP packages from this time around. Although, I found the staff lovely in person, prepare for the company to be a nightmare when trying to purchase VIPs. My advice is to prepare yourself as much as possible if you really want to buy one. If you’ve never had an experience with Treehouse Ticketing, I am hoping this guide will give you some tips & tricks about navigating their system and let you know what to expect when the sale starts. If you’re planning on buying VIP packages to meet the band or enjoy the Scream soundcheck package, then this is a must read.

First off, I will start with a brief summary of all the packages and prices in Euros. I am unsure if Treehouse will have the same prices in US dollars or not. I have sent them an e-mail and will update you all as soon as I know, (scroll past this section if you just want to know how it works & get the tips & tricks)

All You Need to Know About the VIP Packages

Reminder: Sale starts Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 at 12PM ET (9AM PT, 1PM Atlantic) on www.treehouse-ticketing.com  & you MUST buy your regular concert ticket separately. The VIPs do not include them and you will NOT be able to attend the concert or VIP without it.

All packages include early entry into the venue & feature a 10% discount on band merch

Note: All of these prices are including the VAT (Sales Tax) and they may vary depending on currency and taxes Treehouse uses during the North American sale.

Scream VIP – 72.00 Euros
The Scream VIP is the soundcheck package and is basically the same as the Dancing in the Dark Package during the Feel It All World Tour in 2015. You will get to watch the band perform a soundcheck of 2-3 songs and get a group photo with all the Scream VIPs as well as the band. This is actually an amazing package and probably the most worth while. I had it in London and would buy it again.

Room 483 VIP – 190.00 Euros
This package is the first meet & greet package. It features a before the show q&a and a professional photo with the band for each individual Room 483 VIP. Room 483 is similar to the Love Who Loves You Back package on the FIA tour.

Humanoid VIP – 252.00 – 254.00 Euros
The Humanoid VIP package features everything from the Room 483 package + a couple selfies with the band and instead of it being before the show, it’s after. You will also get to film the ending card to THTV. It is similar to the Great Day package from the FIA Tour

Kings of Suburbia VIP – 1,028.00 – 1,037.00 Euros
The Kings of Suburbia VIP package features Treehouse Concierge Service, soundcheck, private acoustic performance and meet & greet with the band before the show, drinks & q&a after the show, a professional pic, snapchat story with the band, selfies and you will get to go onstage with the band during “Automatic”. You will also get to film the ending card for THTV. This package is similar to the Feel It All package on the FIA Tour.

For more detailed descriptions, check out Treehouse Ticketing’s Instagram page! There is a picture and description for each package.

Note: There are approximately 8-10 KOS packages for each show and tend to sell out the quickest.

Tips & Tricks

Preparation Before Sale Day

1) Make an account on the Treehouse Website
2) Add your credit card/visa debit information into the payment methods on your account along with your address on the card etc.
3) Have multiple payment methods at your disposal. Treehouse Ticketing say they accept Amazon Payments, Paypal and major credit cards like Visa & Mastercard. However, when I purchased my VIPs for London & Brussels I tried 4 different methods before one actually worked. I attempted Amazon payments, Paypal and a Visa credit card. None worked until finally I tried my Scotiabank Visa Debit card and it went through. Make sure you link your payment method like your credit cards or debit to Paypal and Amazon payments ahead of time just in case you may have to try them. Many fans had trouble with paying and the website kicked them out so they lost out on VIPs!
4) If you are planning on purchasing VIP packs with a visa debit and want to buy a Kings of Suburbia package or multiple packages that will exceed $1000.00 Canadian, call your bank and tell them to increase your daily online purchase limit. Most banks allow you only $1000.00 and anything more than that will decline. This is a security measure. So call your bank and get them to increase it for the 4th.
5) I advise that if you’re planning on going VIP buy it on sale day because there’s a good chance it will sell out. However, since North America has less of a demand for Tokio Hotel we may get lucky and have lots available after the sale.

The Online Queue

How it Works:

As soon as the sale begins you will be put into an online queue (line up) and assigned a number. That number will determine when you get to enter the Treehouse website and will tell you how many people are ahead of you in the queue. The number is assigned RANDOMLY and it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been on the website before hand so don’t waste your time staring at the screen days before.

The only good thing about the queue is that when it assigns you a number, you don’t have to keep the page open to in order to keep your spot in the queue. There will be a section at the bottom of the page that allows the system to send an update to your e-mail when it’s almost time for you to enter the website. Pay attention to your e-mail if you choose to do this. Once your number is in the website, you  will have 10 minutes to get a package into checkout.

Treehouse will keep fans updated on the queue page about which packages are sold out and in what cities.

My experience with the Queue:

When buying my VIPs for London & Brussels I was number 4,800 in line and because the website kept crashing, it took me a wonderful 15 hours in the queue. VIP packs for cities were selling out left and right and I’m not going to lie, I cried a little bit and had a few mental break downs. I also worked an entire shift in a busy kitchen in downtown Ottawa while paying attention to my place in the queue. It was a nightmare. I guess it was Halloween Night so it was fitting. Scariest Halloween ever!

Tips for the Queue:

1). Be Prepared and give yourself lots of time to buy your VIPs! It is going to take a few hours. Hopefully not 15.

2). If a friend of yours has a number ahead of you in the queue and buys their VIPs they can send you their link (you will get if you sign up for email updates) and you will be able to enter with their number. Each package lets you put in your info separately. Just make sure you add your payment method on the account before trying to purchase.

3) Right before the countdown ends, go to the Treehouse website with multiple devices (phone, laptop, tablet, Ipod) this will give you more than one number. However, this will slow down the website so it’s up to you if you want to chance it taking more time.

Inside the Website & Purchasing the VIPs

How It works:

Once you’re inside the website, it will give you 10 minutes before it kicks you out and puts you back at the very end of the queue. Note: the website will be incredibly slow so try and be patient. The good news is, the checkout process is not part of the 10 minute rule! You CAN take more time to check out. This is good news if your payments keep declining or not working. (It took me 2 hours to actually buy my VIPs once I was inside the website. In total it was a 17 hour sale with lots of tears).

Inside the website, you will click on the picture for the show you want to attend and be redirected to a page for that show. Then, add which VIP you want from the drop down menu and fill in your information (name, email etc.)

TIP: You can only purchase ONE VIP at a time. The website will not work if you have more than one VIP package in your cart and try to checkout. You have to buy one at a time. It’s really annoying and time consuming but for some reason this is how it works. I warn you, DO NOT try and put more than one in your cart at a time. The website will refresh and kick you out.

For example: If you are planning on buying 3 Humanoids and a Room 483 package, choose the show you are buying the VIP for, pick one Humanoid package, fill in the info and proceed to checkout. Once that’s been purchased, do not refresh, the website will redirect you back to the homepage, then, go to the next show and buy your next Humanoid package. Continue this until you’ve purchased all of the VIPs you want. This works the same if you’re planning on buying multiple VIP packs for the same show.

TIP: NEVER refresh the Treehouse website once you are inside even if it’s really slow!

After the Sale – Treehouse Confirmations and Things to Look Out For

After the sale, Treehouse will take a few business days to a week or so to approve your VIP purchase.
Some fans have had trouble where Treehouse didn’t approve their VIP after the sale and they lost their VIPs.

If you go onto your Treehouse account you can look at the “Order” section. It will show a green or blue icon next to the VIPs you’ve purchased. I believe the blue is for waiting to be approved and green means it’s confirmed. You will get an e-mail when the VIP has been confirmed. If it doesn’t get approved, your money will be returned to you.

The good thing about this process is that sometimes VIP packages will become available after the sale that were previously sold out. So there’s still a chance you can snag a package you want if you didn’t get it during the initial sale.


  • Check all payment methods you tried during the sale. Even if the website said one payment method declined, it may have actually went through and charged your bank account. This happened to me! So check just in case.
  • If you have any issues with being charged for multiple VIPs (one girl got charged for 5 Humanoids for London). When she contacted Treehouse to cancel four of them, they cancelled all 5 and she was without a VIP. She got her money back but also lost the package she wanted. Eventually, she found a fan selling one and bought it but she was lucky!
  • Sometimes Treehouse doesn’t like to answer if you have issues so your best bet is to e-mail them and send them a message on Facebook or Instagram!



I hope this guide gives you guys an idea of how the sale will work and helps you to prepare for it. Hopefully, Treehouse will have a better system and you don’t need any of these tips. However, I remain doubtful. According to fans who bought VIPs for the additional European shows, the site was slightly better and faster than DM part one. For our sake, I hope it is.

For more details & FAQs check out Treehouse’s FAQ page on their website. If you have any further questions for me, message away!

I will aim to write another blog post about how the VIPs work at the actual show with Treehouse. It isn’t too different from Adventures during the FIA Tour but it is a bit more chaotic and unorganized so maybe I can help a little there too.

The Dream Machine show is the most incredible show I’ve ever seen and the band is super super sweet. I wish you all the best and good luck aliens! See you in February!


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